Mountain Angel


After her father’s death leaves her alone in the world, Angel is faced with two terrible choices: surrender her innocence to the lecherous man who’s won her home in a card game, or become the bride of a stranger who holds the other half of the McCloud mining claim. Vowing to buy back her birthright, Angel sets out for the Colorado Territory, and an unknown future with a mysterious man she’s wed by proxy.


Holt is sure the spoiled Missouri beauty who turns up claiming to be his wife is really out to steal his mining claim. He’s not about to buy Angel’s sob story or make frontier life easy for her. But, feisty and fearless, Angel seems ready to take on a boom town filled with greed, corruption and dangerous secrets. Soon, even bigger questions arise: can they keep their growing passions in check, and does Holt dare trust Angel with a few deep secrets of his own?

“A lively Western adventure that will keep you guessing to the last page…a tender love story you won’t want to miss!” — Linda Sandifer, author of Came A Stranger

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