Fela Dawson Scott

a.k.a. “Darby”

Fela Dawson Scott writes as Brit Darby with fellow author and friend Patricia McAllister. Currently available from the writing team: Davy’s Last Ride, a Scottish historical, Emerald Prince, a medieval historical, and With Dragons She Walks, a historical fantasy.

Fela’s new I Am Wínterborn series is the author’s favorite journey thus far. Her desire to explore the darker side of fantasy has come to life in the pages of the first book: I Am Wínterborn – The Wolf. And Book 1 is just the beginning; there are many more adventures to follow.

Previous books include: Angel in Black (formerly titled Shadow of Desire), Ghost DancerThe Tiger Sleeps, Black Wolf, and Spirit of the Mountain.

I Am Wínterborn

Fela Dawson Scott