spec-momentIt seems with every book Brit Darby writes, there’s one special moment that sticks in my mind. Whether it’s a ‘tissue and tears’ moment in Emerald Prince, or a ‘laugh out loud’ moment in With Dragons She Walks, or, as in our working book, a ‘stand up and cheer’ moment, it happens. Out of the thousands of words strung together to make a story, there’s always one, solitary line or scene that sticks with me as my favorite in the whole book.

I find that strange. You would think there would be many such moments, that maybe even all of the above stand out in each and every book. Rather than a rarity, seems it would be commonplace. But it could also be that such an event is different for my writing partner B — my stand-out moments may be entirely different from hers. Do readers have such moments as well? Does each one judge from a different perspective, a different set of emotions?

I don’t even think it’s an intentional undertaking, it just happens. I can’t imagine planning it even if you wanted to. That’s the magic of writing. It sneaks up on you, surprising you with that one unique instant when you think, “Wow.”

I love it. It’s one of those exceptional instances where you know that’s why you write. It inspires and drives; it is the reward for all those solitary, sometimes painful, hours spent at the computer.

Suddenly, it’s all worthwhile.