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2014-horse-stampEarlier this year, we blogged about why it might be nice to try team writing in the Year of the Horse. But what if you’re a happily solo author or don’t want to hitch your traces with other writers, for whatever reason? No problem. Anybody can benefit from the positive energies and inspiration the horse’s spirit offers their creative side.

Here are some ways you can let the natural energy and spirit of the horse guide your writing:

  • The wild horse shows you how to run free — it doesn’t second-guess itself. When it wants to gallop, it just goes. Likewise, why not try writing with your inner editor turned off. (Reassure your left brain it can nitpick later.) Just turn on the juice and go.
  • Even in these modern times, when we talk of speed or strength, we sometimes refer to “horsepower.” Think of the huge role horses played in world history, across so many cultures. How might you honor that? Try weaving a scene for your reader’s senses to delight (or wallow) in. For example, let the might of the cavalry inspire you. Envision thousands riding to battle; hear the metallic clank of armor and thudding hooves of the steeds. Describe the feelings, sights, sounds, even the taste of it. Let the sheer power of such a scene sweep the words right out of you and onto paper, like a powerful rush of wind.
  • In Chinese astrology, wood is the element of springtime, and this is a Wood Horse year. We’re also on the cusp of natural spring, a dual boon. Harness that burgeoning energy that springtime brings. But instead of cleaning closets, why not toss old manuscripts that are going nowhere and start anew? Just like pitching old clothes, it’s time to get rid of what isn’t working. The emotional lift from “cleaning out the old” may surprise you.