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vali-feastBold warrior, I toast you!
Great fame and fortune made,
Rune-wishes that speed you to victory,
Blade ever-bright and yew bow true, the blessings of Vali!

Imagine, if you will, joining your fellow Vikings in raising a horn to toast Vali, gathered round a roaring fire. The enthusiasm of the participants and the energy of the gathering would likely be palpable, stirring your blood. Your friends and family, and perhaps a special loved one there, would make the night even more special.

Although the words of this toast were woven from B’s imagination, the god Vali is quite real in Norse mythology. He was a son of the god Odin and the giantess Rindr. And he shares a curious coincidence with the more well-known St. Valentine.

According to the website A World of Myths, Vali is a god of eternal light in Norse legends. Because beams of light were often called arrows in stories, Vali is often shown as an archer. In Norwegian calendars, Vali is designated by the sign of the bow and is called Lios-beri, the “light-bringing.”

Vali’s day falls at the same time the early Christians dedicated to St. Valentine, who was also a skillful archer, and like Vali, was said to be the harbinger of brighter days, the awakener of tender sentiments, and the patron of all lovers. Of course, the mischievous god Cupid is also an archer of some renown.

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