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writing-flowI just finished with the first draft of Brit Darby’s next novel, a historical Scottish adventure set along the Border. After I make the edits from my read-through, I will be passing it on to B and she will take her turn. It will be interesting to find out what my writing partner thinks, because this was written in a different way than in the past. There was no outline and I didn’t do much research up front, I just let it flow.

When I started, I had no plot, only a very basic, one-line idea with a title. I knew there would be the requisite hero and heroine, beyond that I had no clue who I would invent along the way. I didn’t have a predestined path in mind for the characters to take, this was a minute-by-minute creation.

Last November, B participated in National Novel Writing Month. She reached her goal of 50,000 words and produced the first draft of yet another BD novel that will come my way soon. Yet, for some odd reason, I kicked my own writing into high gear then even though I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo. I guess that’s one of the benefits of writing as a team, we inspire each other, and perhaps there was a bit of desire to keep up with my partner.

This meant I went along for the ride, making it up as I went. I gave in completely to the writing and let it take me where the story wanted to go, rather than where I planned to take it. I admit I got stalled a few times with no idea what to do next. But, after a brief respite, I would figure it out, almost miraculously. The characters took over and they told their tales, their lives unfolded without my interference.

It was one of the most amazing writing experiences I’ve had. When I did the read through, I felt it was a good start, but it’s always hard to be objective at this point. So, I will wait for B’s verdict and anxiously wait to see what she does with the tale. Ultimately, when Brit Darby is done with the book, our readers will be the final judge.

I can’t say I managed to keep up with B during November, but I did write more in a two-month period than I ever had before. And, bottom line, it was great fun.