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2014-horseMany of us kick off a brand new year with a handful of resolutions. Some are the typical vows like losing weight or quitting smoking, but if you’re a writer, how about thinking along pen (or pencil) lines for 2014? For example, maybe it’s time to:

  • finally finish and publish a certain book you’ve been toying with for too long. Or retire it to the creative boneyard once and for all. You know, that one you’ve been “editing” off and on for several months or years now. (We all have ’em.)
  • explore writing in another field or genre. Stretch yourself, take a risk, roll the dice, challenge your brain and pitch any preconceived notions about writing in unfamiliar territory.
  • link up with another writer, either in person or online (let’s dub this resolution creative tag-teaming). Sound wild? Impractical? Impossible? Wait, don’t dismiss it yet. Or at least not so fast.

Speaking from experience, tag-team writing can be a boon and a blessing. The writing team of Brit Darby (BD) is currently working on our third and fourth fiction novels, and we also collaborate on nonfiction articles for other businesses. We discovered working together is more fun and rewarding than when we write solo.

A tandem pull means we are there for each other every step of the way, sharing both the burdens and rewards, though dark days and bright ones alike. As individuals we have different but complementary strengths, a tremendous benefit in what can be a lone-wolf occupation. BD’s career has morphed into a solid business partnership and friendship, one we are inspired to continue for the long haul.

2014 is the Year of the Horse (it officially starts January 31st). Why not lighten your writing load by pulling in tandem with another author this year?

Remember, wagons move faster and easier with well-matched teams of horses, and so, we bet, can authors who are willing to combine talents and aim for the stars.