The New Year is upon us
Ready with hope eternal
It promises new beginnings
And temptations of dreams come true

We look forward to a better time
With spring in each new step we take
The world of possibilities beguiles us
Whispered words of wishes unending

Yet wary and weary, we cannot help but look back
Disappointment still strong as it haunts and heckles
Threatening to crush hard fought resolve within
To leave behind past dismay and disillusion

Despite all that may assault us
Heartbreak and grief alike
Lest we drown in our torrent of tears
We continue forward, one shaky step at a time

Challenge moves forth to beckon us
Despite the fear that comes with not knowing
We chase and grab for what we long for
To feed the monstrous hunger — our soul

Let us each fight valiantly our demons
And take hold of our future without despair
Knowing that with each year passing
We dare let go to embrace what is before us.