blue-xmasFor most people the holidays can be a busy time of year, even hectic and overwhelming. Often, I listen to my friends talk and wonder why people put themselves through the wringer in this way. I don’t always get the impression that they really enjoy the spirit of the season; I sense it’s become more of a chore, based on what is expected rather than what is supposedly shared.

Yet, it seems to be their choice and I respect that. But I find it interesting how, when asked what my own plans are, I usually reply, “nothing,” and some get wistful looks on their faces and mumble how nice that would be.

You see, it’s my choice to enjoy Christmas alone. Sometimes, I may join a friend for breakfast and get a turkey dinner to go. But, other than that, I actually love to spend the day with my girlies (furry kids) and watch a marathon of old Christmas movies on TV. It is one of the rare days of the year where I actually don’t schedule any to-dos or writing. It’s a day all to myself to do absolutely nothing, and generally remain in my jammies the whole day. It’s a gift to myself.

For some folks though, the thought of being alone seems to send chills through them; they are probably thinking it would be so depressing. But, living the life as a single person, I find it’s all about perspective. It is what it is, so I choose to live my life not being afraid of aloneness. By looking at it as a positive experience, I enjoy all that it brings. And, I will admit, having grown used to it now, I don’t know how eagerly I would change it at this point in my life.

So, if there are some of you who are alone or just feeling alone on this day, try making it a positive experience by creating your own special way to celebrate it. Embrace being alone. Just because it’s only you, and maybe a furry friend or two, doesn’t mean you can’t start a tradition. It can be simple (like watching movies all day), it can be grand (like a annual vacation to Hawaii), do whatever it is that you enjoy and can look forward to each and every year.

I would like to wish you all an enjoyable Christmas, and for those of you who are alone by choice or circumstance, a very special one.