old-bookWhen B and I reunited to collaborate on writing books, we thought long and hard on the direction we wanted to take Brit Darby. In the end, we agreed to go the independent publishing route. One of our main reasons was that it was difficult for both of us to write the one-size-fits-all historical romances required by traditional publishers, including our old houses. Writing within a formula was stifling, and the truth was we wanted to write much, much more and take our novels to a new level. Bigger, yes. Bolder, definitely.

One of the things we’ve realized along the way is that Brit Darby is not a traditional historical romance author, but perhaps more accurately classified as historical fiction. Our books have complex plots with real historical characters and detailed history blended in. We include many secondary characters, some of whom evolve into monumental and beloved people in their brief visits upon the pages. Our stories are layered with adventure and violence, great love and vile obsessions, and yes, sexual content that ranges from tender lovemaking to passionate encounters.

We don’t hold back. We may surprise you, even shock you. Heck, we’ve shocked ourselves upon occasion. That is part of the thrill, both from the reading side and the writing corner.

Shaking free of formula writing means we do not add or take away content, depending on what we think might sell. It’s about writing the story we envision, telling the tale that begs to be told. Characters come and go and act according to their whims, not ours. It’s as much an adventure for us as it is for readers — we may not know what will happen next. It’s a journey, an exploration as our characters behave in unexpected ways. It just happens, words flow onto the page, one after another, until we reach the end.

We think that’s a glorious thing.