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mango-cheesecakeCome on, if you’re a writer, surely you’ve envisioned it? Dared to dream it?

I know I have thought about one (or more) of my creations being made into a big screen, blockbusting visual masterpiece. You see, I write visually. When I write, each scene is played out in my head, like a complex, choreographed dance. My muse is fed visually; movies are my food of choice.

So it’s not so far-fetched to envision my words in movie form; to me they already are, but in my head. It may be that my unconventional youth created this odd couple within me. I was a military brat and spent nearly seven years overseas by the time I hit junior high. We didn’t have a television at first, and later, when we did, it only showed old American reruns dubbed in a foreign language. I vaguely remember Bonanza in German …

What I did have was the base movie theater. That was when I fell in love with movies, a love that still exists to this day, though I’ve traded the movie theater for DVDs. Of course, my favorites are always those with historical themes. I love old movies and have some favorites, along with favorite actors like Cary Grant. But the newer, lavish productions are so beautifully done, it’s a visual feast for my senses. It’s almost as good as mango cheesecake! And if it’s a series, I’m literally in heaven, and eating my cheesecake.

So when I start a new book, or just get stuck, I drag out movies set in that time period and watch them again. It helps me to envision the era and get the movie in my head going. I see it as the characters play out their scenes in precise detail giving me the words to put on paper (well, technically, the computer screen).

When I’m in editing mode, it also helps me visualize movement, so I can make certain what is written has the character in the right spot at the right time. No floating heads. No dismembered or disfigured bodies. If they stand up, they weren’t already standing two paragraphs before, that sort of thing.

Movies are my entertainment, yes, but even more, they are inspiration for my books. So, what inspires you to write or keeps you going once you start?