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life-carrotsLife. It’s pretty much a crapshoot, isn’t it? As the years roll by, we do the best we can and try not to screw up too badly along the way. We have goals and dreams we aim for, the proverbial carrot dangling before the horse. We keep plodding along, trying to get a nip of that tempting little morsel, hope in our hearts and determination in our steps.

I believe I’ve had my fair share of trying times in my life journey. I confess that there have been moments I caved to the heartbreak and despair. Generally, after a good cry (and faithful friends who let me whine about the injustices of the world), I rally, grab the flag of hope and charge up the steep hill once again to fight for my dreams to come true.

Lately, life seems promising. After some rocky and challenging years, I feel as if I’m settling into a good place. A somewhat safe place, though we all know that can change with the blink of an eye. But for now, I will relish in it and keep faith that it is permanent and not just a cruel illusion.

As far as my dreams, I am closer than I’ve ever been. Of course, I have a long list of them, and probably always will. One big dream has always been to make my living writing. Now, truth is, I always envisioned this to be writing my novels, an endless creation of fictional characters and adventurous plots. Somehow, in the strangest way, I have found myself making a living writing, but not the fiction I had expected.

Yes, I am still writing books, and have no plans to stop. After all, it is my first love. Even when I tried to give it up, I found my way back, another of life’s remarkably strange turn of events. Once again I am riding the challenging merry-go-round with a slightly different approach and attitude. Another of my really big dreams (and my writing partner’s) is for Brit Darby to do well, to become a recognized and successful name in the writing world. That is a slow process and B and I are working on it faithfully, with optimism aplenty and stars in our eyes.

It’s my daily job that has swept me into a new, unexpected land of opportunity. I have a great employer who allows me to write full-time (with some variety tossed in) and from home. So I am writing nonfiction, a newfound pleasure I had never considered until about a year ago. I was originally asked if I could write for the company blog, so I gave it a try. And I liked it. They liked it. Now, I am writing content for an online magazine, as the small company I work for morphs into another, larger entity, a start-up that has gone national.

Just when you think you have it all figured out and your destiny settled, life takes a sudden turn landing you in a new place, with a new opportunity, and a new dream you hadn’t envisioned appears before you. Even in a crapshoot when the odds are against you, you come out a winner sometimes.

Of course, there are still dangers and worries and shadows lurking, but in life, there are no guarantees. Who knows where my latest path leads or how long it will last. But I’m following this road to find out, determined to get a bite of that carrot. It looks so darn delicious.