pensiveWhy? It is the question I ask
As I struggle with the anger and hate
It is carelessly strewn about me
With eagerness discarded like waste

A foul energy sucks life from me
The mewling sound hurtful to my ears
I can no longer see as I am blinded
The smell burning … staining within

What makes some turn vicious?
Lies so quick on their tongue
It seems as if they enjoy it
With ease destruction caused

How do I evade such iniquity?
I do not wish to fuel its power
Nor give credence to its sway
I must move above, move beyond

Can I rise to the occasion?
And find strength to endure?
Can I offer forgiveness?
So I might forget and go forth?

I must believe all is achievable
Can you not see the possibility too?
Let us attain peace and harmony
To lay waste the ugliness inside