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It just doesn’t get any better than this combo. Vikings, dragons and swords … a natural recipe for action, danger and romance.

What? Romance?

Yes, With Dragons She Walks has romance. But it’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill romance, that’s for sure. I’ve never written formula romance, I’ve always created stories and heroines that don’t quite fit into traditional categories. B and I both embrace history, weaving true facts into fiction, and with our latest book, we’ve continued to blend the two.

Personally, I find the Viking era fascinating and it was a joy to blend Viking history and mythology into our tale. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a fan of the History Channel’s Vikings and have been amazed at how our research has matched spot-on in several aspects. Although they are both fictional stories, they include historical facts.

Our fictional characters are not quite traditional, either. In WDSW, there’s a sword-wielding Viking heroine with a mysterious connection to dragons. She is drawn to a Pictish man who is tattooed with the same ancient symbols that guide her on her quest. Together, they are swept on a journey rife with drama, danger and passion.

Fair warning: Brit Darby definitely does not write books for the faint-hearted. WDSW is a historical adventure that takes readers through a dark and turbulent age. You’ll find all of the equivalent components of a television program rated for mature audiences: language, violence, sexual content and nudity, though the last is in the mind of the reader, magically conjured by the written word.

With Dragons She Walks reads like an adventure novel with a romantic underscore. Whatever the genre, romantic fantasy novel or historical adventure fiction, this is a story for both men and women alike.

If you liked the Spartacus series on Starz, Da Vinci’s Demons or Vikings on the History Channel, WDSW may be right up your alley. While we’re all waiting for the next season of Vikings, here’s a great way to pass the time!

Stay tuned to this blog for the formal announcement of the release date for With Dragons She Walks. Not long now!