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movie-popcornYes, I fully admit I am a movie junkie. I never have enough time to spend with my behind glued to the sofa watching my favorites. And, despite tough economic times for yours truly, I manage to buy a DVD every now and then. I confess I’ll even buy fewer groceries so I can afford a new release. There’s not much in life that interferes with my passion for food, but this is definitely one thing that does!

My most recent cut from the grocery budget was for The Hobbit. I’m looking forward to some quiet time this weekend to watch it. It’s the way I treat myself, or reward myself for completing some difficult task, or… I think you get the picture. Lord of the Rings is one of my all time favorites and I have watched it at least ten times. This next series may not live up to its predecessor, but I’m sure it will be fun nonetheless.

I know as writers we are told to read, read, read. But for me, I am a visual person and nothing stirs my imagination like a good movie. I also am a big fan of series and love the convenience of DVDs when watching them (I haven’t bought a Blu-Ray player as yet). I have to watch myself because I can sit through an entire series at one time and easily turn into a couch potato.

My latest guilty pleasure is Game of Thrones from HBO. I waited all year to get the series as I don’t subscribe to any extra movie channels. And once it arrived in the mail, I couldn’t help but watch all the episodes at once. Now, I’m rewatching the first season, and will follow with a repeat of the second. I originally got the first season because I’m a huge Sean Bean fan, going way back to his Sharpe’s Rifles series of movies for BBC – a long-time favorite.

Movies are my drug of choice, hands down. Anything with a historical setting gleans my attention. My latest thrill is the History Channel’s Vikings. What a treat, and how appropriate considering B and I are putting the final touches to our own Viking book, With Dragons She Walks. I’ve already added Vikings to my “Must Buy” list. So much to watch … so little time.