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2013-snakeAs we enter the New Year, I have been thinking on what it may bring to my life. I also believe my thoughts go hand-in-hand with B’s recent post on trying out a new genre, though I am talking about the more general application of trying out a new life.

Change. It can be daunting, even scary. Sometimes it’s a welcome thing, sometimes it’s not. Loss of specific things can lead to changes in our lives. We’ve all experienced them. And we survived them. Then there are the changes that come in the form of opportunity. We have a choice. Do we stay in the comfort zone we now know? Or do we risk all to grasp something new?

It can be a difficult choice; a serious choice with serious consequences. But if we play it safe and never reach beyond our capabilities, how will we grow, whether personally or intellectually? How will we find out that we have a knack for taking sports photos? Or that we can write non-fiction and enjoy it?

There may be a big change for me in the coming year and I am a bit fearful. What if I change my whole life and this adventure fails? Even worse, if I fail? Yet, I am excited and hopeful. This could be my moment; my triumph. How can I not try?

Winston S. Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Keeping this in mind, I will embrace change and see what happens.