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cheesecakeBesides desserts, I love hats, and that’s just as well since I tend to wear more than one at a time, career-wise. Besides writing under my own name, and with Fela Dawson Scott as Brit Darby, and working full-time, I’m also an editor for Tirgearr Publishing. Sometimes that means reading submissions on my lunch breaks at the day job, but I don’t mind.

I find editing just as rewarding as writing. I love reading new authors’ works and spotting diamonds in the rough. I never forget that an editor who didn’t know me from Jane once gave me the chance to break into the field (thank you, Jennifer Sawyer Fisher!) I like to think Karma smiles whenever one can pass along opportunity to others.

What I like about Tirgearr’s philosophy is that the author’s book remains their book, from start to finish. Authors have input and say in the editing process, the cover design, even the marketing. All the things most writers don’t get with traditional publishers. I think this novel approach (hah!) is possible because Tirgearr is owned and managed by an author turned publisher, Kemberlee Shortland, and her husband Peter.

Working for and with Kem is great, as any of Tirgearr’s authors can tell you. She includes all their authors in her marketing endeavors, rather than focusing on one or two “stars” and ignoring the rest.

And for authors, new or established, who don’t feel comfortable with handling all the minutia that comes with publishing and just want to focus on writing, a publisher like Tirgearr gives them the structure and guidance that is comforting and supportive.

Tirgearr is offering a free ebook of yummy recipes for the holidays, recipes from the authors themselves and even the staff, including yours truly. My contributions include cheesecake and banana bread.

Starting tomorrow, December 7th, click on this cover or link below, and nab a tasty ticket to decadent desserts!

Just Desserts by Tirgearr Publishing