With the holidays fast upon us, I know many of you are making your lists and feeling the stress. One thing that seems to have come into fashion is to re-gift. I think this is a marvelous idea, and one that I will gladly do. One of my neighbors is kind enough to have a Christmas get together, and I am grateful to be invited. We do a gift exchange and it is encouraged to re-gift. We have a great time either taking one of the wrapped gifts, or taking another that has already been revealed.

Last year was a particularly frugal time for me and I didn’t know what to do. So I looked around and decided to recycle a few items and create a silk arrangement. I love doing arrangements and have boxes, and boxes, of silks in my garage, most having been used in some way or another in my house. When I tire of them, I tear them down and reuse. Good ones can be expensive, and with a little cleaning, they can be given new life in something different.

I discovered a little wooden box in my search, one I had saved from a gift basket I received several years ago. It had beautiful colors and a nice shape, so it became my starting point. I scrounged through my boxes of silks and found a nice fern bush, some dried protea from Hawaii, some spikes, and a few twisty twigs.

The trick to a successful arrangement is to clip each stem, don’t keep it in the single clump. Sometimes, this isn’t an easy task as the wire used can be hard to cut. Once it’s been taken apart, hand place each piece into floral foam glued to the bottom of the box. Make sure it nice and full so the foam doesn’t show.

In no time I had my new arrangement, a full, large fern with a splash of color from the dried flowers and container. It came out nice and I was happy with my gift for the exchange. It was a success at the party and I didn’t spend a dime on it, just a little time.