Update: This is happening today! Exciting news.

David Gaughran

Amazon will open a Kindle Store in Japan tomorrow – October 25 – after months of speculation (and the summer entrance into the Japanese market of up-and-coming rivals  Kobo).

According the the press release from Amazon, customers in Japan can now pre-order the Paperwhite for an extremely competitive 8,480 yen ($106), with the 3G version costing 12,980 yen ($163) – although neither will ship until November 19. US customers will notice that makes the Paperwhite marginally cheaper in Japan than America.

The new Fire won’t ship to Japan until December 19, but it can be pre-ordered with similarly competitive pricing – 12,800 yen ($160) – with the HD version coming in at 15,800 yen ($198).

The Japanese Kindle Store will open tomorrow with over 50,000 local language e-books (including 15,000 manga titles) – an impressive number given Amazon’s reported difficulties in coming to agreements with publishers. That will be…

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