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I’ve been researching another blog topic for work, about grief and divorce. I’ve learned that people grieve when they suffer a loss, and we can suffer from many types of loss in life. We mourn a loved one’s death, or experience the pain of a failed relationship, and even a sudden change in income can begin the cycle of grief. The stages of grief were invariably similar – no matter the cause – encompassing emotions like denial, pain, anger, shock, disbelief, fear, bargaining, guilt, depression, loneliness, detachment and numbness. But always, the cycle ended with acceptance and hope.

This made me think of my own life and my own journey through the years. I recall many losses, some more difficult than others, but each leaving its indelible mark upon my heart. Yet, isn’t that what life is all about? Each difficulty comes head-on and, somehow, we manage to maneuver in and out of its treacherous maze. We survive and move on.

Loss doesn’t discriminate. It hits at any age with no regard for gender. It cares little about timing, or mental fortitude. It sneaks into every life, visiting often. It’s our welcome to being human. And being human, we have the remarkable innate ability to heal, time and time again. It is in our nature to seek out the light at the end of the tunnel.

I also believe that each moment we have to deal with the emotions, each moment we spend crawling through that tunnel, we grow stronger. To accept and take control despite our suffering is a monumental achievement. Glory in it, revel in the accomplishment of it. Learn and struggle forward.Always move ahead and leave behind what you no longer need.

It’s difficult, and sometimes feels downright impossible when an insurmountable loss beats you down. I know. But I endure. As we all must.