I just completed the largest of the three areas in my project – the living/dining area and small hallway. Hooray! Whoopee! Hallelujah! (Confetti and balloons are falling!)

It’s been hard work and I’m exhausted, yet pleased with the overall result. It’s not my dream bamboo, but sometimes compromise is the word of the day. Other than a bit of help picking my order up at Home Depot and unloading it into my garage, I’ve done it all myself. I’ve moved furniture, ripped up carpet and pad, muscled tack strips, painstakingly removed a jillion staples, then cut and laid one strip after another until it was done. Well, the first room of three anyway.

Through the whole process my little girl has clung to her inappropriate ways. Down to the last remnants of carpet I tore it out, her favorite spots are now gone and fresh new territory is dwindling. I’ve tried to prepare myself mentally for her to move into the remaining rooms, the master bedroom already has taken quite a few hits in the past. The only unspoiled room left is my office/library, and I have put some plastic runner down to protect a few areas from her persistent behavior.

For now – knock wood – she’s gone back to her little rugs in a cat box. I will keep my fingers crossed and pray that she doesn’t change her mind about my rough-textured area rugs. She’s always considered them more for sharpening claws; she doesn’t use them for doing her business on. Let’s hope it stays that way.

I have already discovered the joy of easy clean-up for a hairball or two, not to mention a doozy of a cling-on that had to be scooted off (okay, you have to have cats to know what I’m talking about in the last reference).

I’ve attached a couple pictures of the finished room. I can’t say the floor is perfect, but being a perfectionist, I must say it’s not bad.  I figure any flaws in my handiwork won’t show because I have so much stuff – finally, a plus to my need to collect and decorate!


p.s.  A big thank you to my neighbor, Patty, for coming over and taking pictures.


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