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Recently, I was given the opportunity to start writing blog posts for Family Architects, the company I work for. Even though I was excited to take on this new aspect to my work, it was a bit scary. It was a definite challenge and I hoped I was capable of doing it, but I didn’t know for certain if I could.

You see, normally I write fiction, seemingly a vast difference from what I would be expected to write for a business blog. I would need to write about things or topics I was relatively unfamiliar with, and I couldn’t just make it up as I would in a novel. So, once a week I delve into an assigned topic, researching to find inspiration and material to educate myself and others, just as I would when writing a book.

As I read what others have written on the subject, something starts to click, ideas start to form. I begin to write and the magic happens. Just as a character or storyline might in fiction, my nonfiction article takes on a life of its own, guiding me to the point or ending it is striving to make.

That was something I hadn’t expected. I thought nonfiction writing wouldn’t be as emotional, the tone somehow less poignant. I was wrong. The words are created in the same manner, carrying the same strength and effect. Perhaps even more so in this example, since this is life, with real people and heartfelt feelings. And I am surprised.

Why? Perhaps because I never thought I would be able to write nonfiction. Somehow it seemed beyond my scope and experience. Yet, here I am doing it … enjoying it … and looking forward to each week’s new topic. I’m also getting paid to write, and you can’t get much better than that.


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