I had made up my mind, so I moved on to the next step and the official start to my flooring project. What can I afford that will work around my life (and my cats) without too much disruption? Time to do some serious shopping.

First, I looked at getting new carpet installed. When I went to look at my options, I discovered (to my surprise) some very nice looking outdoor carpet. It was very textured and nubby, almost rough to the touch (at this point who cares about softness beneath my feet). I thought she (my little trouble maker) wouldn’t like that, it’s not soft and cushy (beneath her feet) like the carpet I have now, and she has never peed on the sisal-like area rugs I have. I also learned that you can get padding that has a water-proof barrier on the top, providing a bit of protection from moisture.

My first thought, do I want to spend that much? Especially on something I’m not sure she won’t pee on. Then there were installation problems to consider, especially since they want to do it in one day. I could have them take up the carpet (for a fee), even move the furniture (for a fee), but my floor needed to be treated for the stains in the subflooring and that is a two-step process that takes time. And, to do it right, an important step. This meant I would have to move everything out of my house, take up the old carpet myself, remove all the staples, and treat the plywood with an enzyme cleaner and paint it with Kilz before they could come and install the new carpet. Not doable.

Logically, I needed to do this whole-house project in sections. Somehow, someway, the girls and I have to live here. So what could I do a little at a time? One of the questions I asked myself was, “Can I live with just the plywood sub floor?” I found an article on painting it, the writer needing a cheap fix for a room with awful carpeting. It was beautiful! Though very time-consuming, I thought it was a viable option. Until I discovered that the drying time between multiple layers of paint (in this case porch paint) was at least 48 hours. Okay, not so perfect, unless you’re going for kitty-paw print instead of a gorgeous paisley print.

Plus there was a lot of filling, sanding, painting, more sanding, painting again, and the intricate stenciling. Probably not the most conducive to the whole-house transfer I needed. So on to other ideas. Self-stick vinyl squares — but will they stick to the plywood? With a special “tacky” paint they might, if it was plywood and not composite wood flooring.

So the search continued. It was then that the flooring consultant suggested a new product, Allure planking. Now, I’m not a fan of Pergo flooring … it’s just not a product I ever liked. But this product I did — enough to go home with samples and think about it. It seemed the perfect solution; it was about the same cost as the carpet I looked at, seemed to be pert near indestructible (good for pet owners), and was do-it-yourself friendly with no need for a lot of tools I did not have (something else that popped up before). I can shove the furniture to one part of the room, prep and lay the floor, then move it all back and go on to the next section. Perfect!

With my decision finally made, I ordered 36 boxes. I have ripped out a big section of carpet in my dining/living area, removed the bazillion staples (just a bit overkill in my exhausted opinion), and wrangled with the tack strips (OMG — not an easy task, for sure). I have treated with OdorXit and painted most of the area with Kilz (by the way, the water-based paint only takes 30 minutes to dry, so the girlies only had to be inconvenienced — locked up in the bedroom — for a couple hours to do this). Now I’m ready to start laying floor. I’ll let you know how this goes in my next post. Wish me luck.


P.S.  I wanted to add pictures, but my camera decided to stop working. I took pictures with my phone, but can’t email them — if there is a way, I can’t find it! I picked up a cheap digital camera today, but the software wouldn’t download and I’ll have to take it back. I didn’t expect much, considering what I paid for it, but I did expect it to work.  So no pictures.