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One day at work last week, we discovered our modem had bit the dust. Our Internet was down, we couldn’t print to the printer, answer the phone or access files stored somewhere in the cloud. Since our office is wireless, we were left dead in the water.

It made me think about how dependent we are on technical goodies. The fact is B and I couldn’t do what we are doing if it wasn’t for all this geek-ware. And we love it!

We have software to design our covers, several in fact, and hope to include animation in the future (B’s been working on pulling that trick out of the hat). We have various applications to code our words into different file formats for selling online. There is the marvelous, easy-to-use capability offered to upload them, providing an almost instant sales channel, not just here in the US, but other countries as well. How cool is that?

Every day we use word processing for writing with a handy-dandy spell check to tidy them up and thesaurus to spruce them up. It’s remarkable that we have the ability to make changes and know what the other has added to or edited in a manuscript, revisions tracked as it goes back and forth between us. And who doesn’t love the limitless library we have at our fingertips as we research historical fact to blend into our fiction?

We have cloud repositories for our files, accessible by us both, anywhere, anytime. It’s a complicated world of online accounts, but we have vaults to remember our numerous user names and passwords, with easy, one-click log-in capability. We have become paperless writers and portable ones as well, with laptops, e-readers, iPads, and phones that do anything and everything in the palm of our hand. Old printed books are easily scanned and converted into electronic format. Once a book is online, there is no shelf-life or going out of print — our work becomes immortal.

Yes, at times technology is overwhelming. There is always something new, always something else to figure out. It’s an ever-changing world of virtual madness that has possessed us, always a challenge, always difficult. But what an exciting time it is to be a writer. The benefit of technology far exceeds any aggravation heaped upon us.

You’ll not find me longing for a typewriter and white-out.