Food for serious thought…indie versus self-published authors.

Anna Scott Graham

Not to split hairs, but in my mind there is a difference between independent (or the less formal indie) publishing and self-publishing.  I made that distinction even before I released my first indie novel, and a year later, I stand behind the indie moniker.  Here’s why…

Self-publishing conjures isolation, and writing is solitary enough already.  Self-publishing is also an enormous misnomer; I do NOT do this all by myself.  From crit partners and cover designers to supportive family and friends; I can’t fathom releasing my novels without the generous and amazing assistance provided by talented writing buds and those who have to live with me.

Independent or indie feels lighter, freer, which it is and has been for years in music, art, and films; why not books?  Indie literature is emerging from the shadows as voices grow louder and minds open to the possibility that a book published outside expected channels has merit.

If this sounds a bit militant…

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