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I love everything bookish. Anything with a book theme, from little book boxes to a giant piece of artwork called The Bookworm, an oil-on-canvas painting from 1850 by the German painter and poet Carl Spitzweg. I have a beautiful book tapestry chair and matching rug gracing my office, and next to it is a small table that looks like a stack of books.

I believe every shelf needs lots of books, rows of books, yet mixed and blended with artwork to create a landscape that is thoughtful and creative. I like to combine serious with amusing, old with new—it must be a place that inspires and pleases me.

I have surrounded myself with pieces of interest; old typewriters, an old singer sewing machine, clocks, a violin, even a couple of favorite Christmas pieces. Yes, anything and everything that I love and find pleasing. My set of bronze monkey lamps, two English riding prints, an 18th century French chair, even one of my old license plates that has “Romance” on it. It all adds character and warmth, it is my haven – it is my place to write.

Every writer should have a work-place that surrounds them with the things they love. We spend countless hours at our computers; composing, editing, torturing our minds with each and every word we produce. So make certain you work in a great room, a room that helps you craft unique stories and unforgettable characters. Take the muse within and design a wonderland that welcomes you into a world of fantasy and dreams.

Don’t be afraid … let your imagination run free.


D’s Deco Tips:  Don’t forget your floors, they are a great place to decorate too. And for goodness sake, take off the paper jacket on hardcover books, let their bindings show. Use books in other rooms as well, they always add a sophisticated air to any decor.