Three little words: simple, direct and self-explanatory. Three little words that have struck a chord of fear in me, fear reverberating clear down to the inner depth of my soul.

I am so far out of my comfort zone it’s freaking me out. Yet, I persist. I am digging in and trying to conquer the terror that freezes my fingers as I try to interact in the virtual world. Others tell me it’s the shy person’s medium; it’s easier than face to face conversations. Still, this writer cannot find the words to say, the ideas are not flowing, the tweets just won’t utter a sound.

Insecurity has settled in. What in the world could you want to hear from me? What have I done worthy of tweeting? Are my intrinsically boring days interesting to anyone? Help me—I’m drowning in a pool of frustration and doubt.

Tell me, what is it all about? What have I not been able to grasp that will show me the way? I want to conquer this … this monster. I have the desire to be David and strike the giant Goliath right between the eyes. For goodness sake, tell me before I lose my frickin’ mind!