Nook and Kindle

Clash of the Titans: Nook and Kindle (Photo credit: evilgenius)

E-reader lovers, get ready to toss your clip-on light–Barnes & Noble has just announced a new version of its Nook Simple Touch Reader that has an adjustable glow light built right in, making it possible to read in the dark — unobtrusively.

This is excellent news for middle-of-the-night readers, partners of middle-of-the-night readers who can’t sleep with the light on, and parents trapped in a dark hotel room with a sleeping baby at 7:45 p.m.

The new Nook will hit stores in May and will cost $139 — about $40 more than the original Nook.

via New Nook makes it possible to read in the dark – latimes.com.

Now, we can only wonder…how long before Kindle follows suit?