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I know some of you may be curious how two writers manage to blend distinct styles, thoughts and ideas into one cohesive book. Well, for us, it was a good fit from the very beginning. And that has made it easy for Brit Darby to write her stories.

Yours truly (Darby a.k.a Fela), begins by writing the first draft, creating the basic plot and characters from a simple idea. Then I pass it on to Brit (Patricia), who puts flesh to the bones, adding her own perspective and flavor. Then it comes back to me, and the rewriting begins. With EMERALD PRINCE we passed the book back and forth: revising, editing, deleting, adding, rethinking, discussing, resolving, researching, loving and hating each and every painful change we made. We lost count after the tenth revision or so, and a million e-mails later, we finally felt it was finished.

Luckily, we are two like-minded writers, often coming to a conclusion or inspiration at the same time. We are always open to the others comments, and always find a resolution. We each have our strengths, and we complement each other. I must admit, I’m motivated to learn more and work harder—to be a better writer so as to not disappoint.

Writing as a team may not work for everyone. But, from my perspective, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.