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When I bought my first Kindle, I wanted to get a simple protective cover for it, too, and I was shocked by how outrageous the prices were for plain synthetic covers, much less leather ones. $50, $60? I don’t think so. Or for that price it had better be studded with jewels and a personally signed photo from Fabio.

So I started looking for a workaround. Some months before I even bought a Kindle, I had used my (very) basic sewing skills to whip up a small clutch purse. The pattern is offered free by Kwik-Sew. One day when I wanted to take my Kindle 3 to work in my carryall, but didn’t want the screen to get scratched, I just grabbed and stuck it in this clutch in a pinch. To my surprise, it was a perfect fit.

The first clutch I made from a beautiful, satiny oriental jacquard, intended to be elegant and formal and, of course, used as a proper evening clutch. But within a few months of daily use as a substitute Kindle cover, it was snagged and tattered-looking.

I wisely remade the second clutch in a more Kindle-friendly fabric (photo above), and also used a heavier quilt padding to better cushion the device. (I’ve already tested that when I accidentally knocked my Kindle off my nightstand…whew! Kindle still works…)

You can whip up this clutch with fabric remnants or fat quarters, which is why it’s so budget-friendly. This latest one I made from upholstery fabric scrap that I found in a bargain bin. The lining was one fat quarter, and the piping and padding I had left over from another project. A closure is optional.  You can use a snap, button, frog or leave the flap unsecured.

Believe me, it’s easy to make or I wouldn’t be so enthused.

What a great gift idea, too. With the endless variety of fabrics out there, you could make a masculine-looking cover just as easily as a girly one.

Car buff? Cat lover? Twilight-obsessed ’tween? Got them all “covered” with fab fabrics

Use your sewing machine’s embroidery feature to add a monogram if you want to personalize it even more.

With appliques, fringes and bling abounding these days, your imagination is the only limit. The extra bonus is, of course, is it can double as a clutch, coupon holder or glovebox caddy, too!

Now all you need is the free pattern and you’re good to go.

Download the free Kwik-Sew clutch purse pattern here