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I couldn’t sleep last night. One thing that absolutely keeps me awake is when I am hungry. So, I got up and decided to have an apple. I didn’t want to turn on the TV and decided to look at the news on the Internet. What caught my interest were the numerous entertainment articles on the big event, the Oscars. I was unaware they had come and gone, I’ve been in my own little world of work and writing. (For the one or two people who may have read my earlier blogs, yes, I am working again. Hallelujah!)

Now, I found it interesting that two things seemed to dominate the news. First up, Jennifer Lopez, did she or didn’t she? That was the big question. Perhaps there was a lot of imagination running rampant, and according to her stylist, that was what it was, wishful thinking. I would think precautions were made, a little tape, spray adhesive, whatever they use to keep a low-cut gown in place. Whatever, Jennifer looked beautiful and, welcome or not, it certainly got a lot of press.

Secondly, Angelina Jolie’s leg—the right one to be exact. She was dressed all in black, a thigh-high slit exposing said leg, high heels and slender frame adding to the pose. Note on slender frame: this, too, got a lot of attention. Angelina definitely strutted her stuff on the red carpet; why not, she’s a beautiful woman. But then, it happened again while on stage, the words “overt” and “obvious” used to describe her actions. So much so, a screenwriter, unable to resist, even mimicked her (or would “mocked” be more accurate?)

Now what has all this got to do with writing, or for that matter, anything that would connect to my humdrum world? Patience, I am getting there.

To continue, it seems the world was a-twitter with comments on both Oscar events. I read through some, but was unable to get very far. PEOPLE … have you nothing better to do? Yes, I was reading this stuff, but it was two in the morning and I couldn’t sleep! I just wanted to pass some time while eating my apple.

My final consensus: Jennifer’s nip-slip…who cares. Women have breasts—nothing newsworthy there, folks! And, as far as Angelina, I’ll admit it was a bit strange, but the comments fell into the cruel category, a frenzy of hateful remarks ensuing.

And now, my final connection to swimming with sharks …

I currently am preparing to plunge Brit Darby into the world of Twitter and Facebook, with other social media sites to follow. All my reading last night makes me apprehensive, to say the least, about the journey I am about to take.

Brit Darby is no Jennifer or Angelina, quite the opposite in fact. But, as we continue to write and release more books, and plunge into the marketing, that will change. So, we must take a deep breath, jump, and be prepared to swim with the sharks.

I may need a life-jacket … I don’t swim well.