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Q: What is your favorite movie?


Mmmm, that would be hard to say. I’m a movie addict. A friend got me started buying DVDs, and I’m hooked. To get my fix, I’ll buy less at the grocery store in order to buy a new movie! And I love food, so believe me, I’m out of control.

My favorite? Well, I suppose a movie I have watched so many times I’ve lost count is Father Goose with Cary Grant. He is one of my favorite actors. But, then again, there are many. ~D


Dragonwyck: Deliciously dark gothic movie starring Vincent Price and Gene Tierney

I watch very few movies more than once, and rarely rent or buy them either, but here are a few odd ones that I always seem to stop and watch whenever they are on TV: Steel Magnolias, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (only the original one–sorry Tim and Johnny), and LOTR. If I had to pick only one movie, I think it would be When Harry Met Sally.

My favorite actress is Bette Davis, and my favorite actor is Vincent Price (I’ve actually met him, though prior to his death, of course!) He did a stage performance in the little town where I grew up, and the sponsors knew him and invited him to their home after the play for dinner. My family was at the dinner as well. I still have the program he autographed for me that night. I was very young then, but remember Mr. Price seemed quite humble and personable, not arrogant at all. (I just looked it up; that was in 1974!)