It’s hard to miss that Christmas is coming. Yet, I am one of those odd, maybe even strange, souls who do not do the whole Christmas thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater of the holiday, I just have my own way to celebrate it.

I love Christmas decorations; I even stroll down the aisles to see what’s out when I go to the store. But, I don’t decorate for the holiday, with one exception: I hang a wreath (indoors for myself) that I made and gave to my mother a few years before she passed away. I enjoy listening to Christmas music, and like everyone I tend to eat a bit too much during the holidays. But I don’t cook, bake or make candy. I don’t send cards, and, even worse, I don’t give gifts just because it’s the season.

On Christmas morning I usually have breakfast with my best friend and order a Christmas dinner to take home. I get into my green and red flannel PJs and spend the rest of the day with my girlies watching old Christmas movies. Holiday Inn, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, Christmas in Connecticut; some I’ve seen a dozen times. I even have an old John Wayne movie I consider a favorite, Donovan’s Reef—they celebrate Christmas in it so I think of it as one.

In short, my holidays are relaxing; worry free, stress free, and most important, debt free. I know in the end, I have more than a few people who envy me my quiet Christmases at home. That reminds me-I’d better get out my wreath and decorate!



I love Darby’s cozy Christmas plans. We are so much alike. I’ve also shunned stress this year, too, in favor of a quiet Christmas on the homefront.

My thoughts go out this holiday to those friends who are having particular challenges right now, whether financial, health-wise or spirit-wise. Let’s make a mutual pact that 2012 will be better.


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