Q: What made you decide to write your first book?


After years of reading historical romances, I decided I wanted to tell my own story, create my own characters. My pre-teen years were spent in Europe; my father was in the Air Force. We didn’t have a television, so I read a lot, and I loved going to the movies on base. I think that time overseas developed several things in me that are strong today; a love for history, a vivid imagination, and a passion for movies. All of these things inspire my writing. ~D


Hmm. With me, it is probably more accurate to ask, what made you decide to submit your first book? I had a whole stack of novels I’d written and done nothing with so far. I started writing in first grade and finished my first novel at 13. Writing was just what I did, like breathing…I don’t remember consciously deciding it was time to test the waters and submit a book to publishers, but something obviously kicked me in the pants. ~B