The Brit Darby writing team started when the two of us met at a central location and spent a couple of days hammering out the details. We lived a few hundred miles apart then. Now, thousands of miles separate us but, thankfully, there is the Internet. And self-publishing is what it is today, giving us the chance to continue our path.

Little did I know that Patricia was Yin to my Yang. For us, it works. Our first joint novel Emerald Prince is the proof, and those who read it can make the final judgment as to the success of our writing collaboration.

It’s true; writing can be a solitary pursuit. I find working with a partner is much more fun, and there is always someone there to encourage you along the way. We each have our strengths, and they mesh well together in the final result. And, I must confess, there are times we are so like-minded it is downright spooky. So, from my perspective, it has been a great experience.

Someone asked us who was Brit and who was Darby. We hadn’t given it any thought before, but easily came up with the answer; my writing partner is Brit, and I am Darby. It stuck, and to this day, we sign all correspondence with those monikers, the names now as much a part of us as our real ones. We believe in Brit Darby and we hope you come to love her as we do.

Fela (Darby)


There’s advice that you should start an exercise regimen with a friend, since when you commit to someone else and know they depend on you, you’re more likely to do it. I’ve found that’s equally true with writing. On days when I don’t want to see another word, much less write, I will get an email from Darby and the fires of enthusiasm and creativity are rekindled. When one of us is down, the other grabs the strings and pulls her partner up. It really does flow like that. I don’t take that kind of synergy for granted. It’s a unique bond.

Will team writing work for every writer? No. You have to be able to set ego aside, and be open-minded to input before you can work with a partner. Giving and taking constructive criticism is a must. But, if you can harness your respective strengths and yoke them together, you may see amazing results.

Patricia (Brit)