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Q: What was the book that you believe started you on the journey to write historical romances?


The first romance I ever read was The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I picked it up on a break where I worked and started to read. I don’t know about others, but during my high school years I was way too busy to read much, for pleasure that is. This was a few years after I graduated. From there on, I read as many as I could afford to buy and I rediscovered a love of reading again. ~D


Oh, yes, definitely Woodiwiss, and Rosemary Rogers, too. My sister-in-law had all those books, and when I babysat at her house after the kids went to bed, I’d dig in. The first romance I remember buying myself was Bonds of Love by Lisa Gregory (a pseudonym for Candace Camp, I later learned.) It was definitely a “bodice-ripper” in every sense of the word, from the cover to the story about a man obsessed enough over a woman to kidnap her (nowadays, he’d be branded a ‘psycho stalker’ and arrested!) But as for “the” book that really lit the fire and desire in me to write, I think it would be Skye O’Malley by Bertrice Small. ~B